Country Jamboree

Fall is a great time to celebrate. B. Andrews celebrate's fall country style. The Country Jamboree is different from the Radio Theme of the B.A.R.D.T (B. Andrews Radio Dinner Theatre). We roast a pig, put on the down home music and have some good ole' country fun. Come October, you should really stop by Hancock, WI and check it out! If you want more info, click "Read More"....

 Did ya' like "Hee Haw"? Wail, thats kinda' the idear that thu "Country Jamboree" is bilt around! (Enough of the colloquialisms!)

B. Andrews goes COUNTRY! From the dinner to the show everything is Southern Style. Some friends of B. Andrews brings in their pig roaster in the morning of the show and puts a 275 lbs pig in there and slow roasts it all day. Then it comes out (hot and juicy) just in time to serve it (buffet style) with Cowboy Beans, Cole Slaw and hand made Dinner Rolls.

After everyone has gone thru the line once, the show begins! The B. Andrews Band and cast will have you laughing, clapping, singing and maybe even dancing before the evening is over. Dessert will be served at intermission.

Through the night B. Andrews Band will share with you their heart, their passion, their wit and by the end of the night...even their faith. You will want to mark your calendar and make this an annual event!