B. Andrews Radio Dinner Theatre

For 5 years B. Andrews has used old time radio as a fundraiser for "The Band". If you're in Hancock, WI around Valentine's Day you should check it out. From the laughter to the music, from the the spaghetti to the homemade bread, it's the best entertainment value in WI! Want to know more? Click on "Read More"...

At the B. Andrews Radio Dinner Theatre you will be taken back in time to a day when radio was king! Half of the event is the dinner (served buffet style) With a fresh salad & homemade soup to start with, the spaghetti dinner entree with handmade garlic bread is delicious and satisfying!

Then The Show Begins...

The show is a "mock" radio broadcast. You will feel like you're sitting in on a broadcast by Hope or Benny. The commercials are original, the music (performed by the B. Andrews Band) is fresh and we even give away a prize "...chosen especially for you..." during the "Radio Trivia" segment of the show.

At intermission, you will be served dessert while announcements will be read written by the listening audience.

When the show continues the audience will have laughed, heard a re-enactment from a real radio broadcast and even get to participate in a sing-a-long.

The B. Andrews Radio Dinner Theatre is a great evening with a fantastic show and a great dinner! Not only do you not want to miss this show, but you will want to make it an annual event!