Meet Our Team

Danny Kaehn

Trumpet, Bass Guitar, Vocals (Bass)

Danny joined B. Andrews in 2015 by invitation. He is an incredibly talented person with an awesome attitude and a passion for God! Danny is currently a Junior in High School. He plays trumpet in the Marching Band and Bass Guitar in the Jazz Band. He is also an "A" student in college prep courses.  Danny traveled with B. Andrews in the summer of 2016 and is the only person that is NOT family. We are really proud to have him with us and love him like family!

Eric Hambrock

The Band Manager

Rev. Eric Hambrock is the pastor of the Hancock Wesleyan Church. Pastor Eric is an ordained minister of the Wesleyan Church. He attended High School at Lloyd Memorial High School in Erlanger,KY (near Cincinnati, OH). He transferred to God's Bible School in Cincinnati, OH and graduated from there. He met his wife at GBS and attended the University of Cincinnati where he studied medicine and psychology. Pastor Eric finished his degree in biblical studies at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Jon Hambrock

Music Director

Jon is a homeschool graduate (2011) and a twin! He is an original B. Andrews member. Jon has felt that music ministry is his calling. Jon began playing a 4 string bass. Then he upgraded to 5 string bass. When "The Band" lost their lead guitar player, Jon stepped into the role of leadership and music writing. Then Jon stepped into the role of sound engineer. Jon is smart and talented. You should ask him about the book he is writing!

Emmali Hambrock

Lead Vocals

Emmali is a new High School graduate (2017). She has been traveling with "The Band" for 2 years. Emmali has a beautiful and a great range, but her passion is in the Theatre. Emmali is leaving B. Andrews to pursue collegiate studies in Theatre but is hoping to help out in local productions of "The B. Andrews Radio Dinner Theatre" and "The Country Jamboree"

Ben Hambrock

Vocals, Bass Guitar

Ben is an original member of B. Andrews. He is a homeschool graduate (2011). He is recently married, and yes, Jon's twin! He is currently pursuing his calling in Children's Ministry. He also still gives us a hand in our local ministry and is a regular cast member in "The B. Andrews Radio Dinner Theatre" and "The Country Jamboree"