Internet Radio Show & Podcast

B. Andrews Is Going To The Air-Waves

Eric & Jon are expanding their ministry by going to Internet Radio & Podcast! Like talk radio? Getting tired of the same old politics talk on radio? Eric and Jon are using talk radio format (commercials and all) to entertain and talk about more than just politics. They will talk about Church, Children, Sports, Pastors, Family Life, Music, Songs, The Bible...anything but politics! If you have Facebook or Twitter You can join the conversation!

First podcast will post February 7, 2017. First live streaming broadcast will be March 7th, 2017

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B. Andrews Radio Dinner Theatre R.S.V.P.

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Jon wears a lot of hats for B. Andrews. Jon is the music director of B. Andrews. He plays guitar (acoustic, electric & bass), writes music, sound engineer in the studio and keeps up with equipment. Jon also volunteers his time with a christian "Big Brother" program. He is a part of his Church's worship team and leads worship for the youth group.